What's cracking, you damn punks

Yes, this is your boss speaking here, since y'all so hell bent on finding out how my face actually looks like. I know, my pepperoni pizza hair is a fucking disaster, you can laugh about it later. Anyway, if you find my daughter, tell her that HER father personally asked her not to max out her 5th credit card on fucking Two-Faced products. This is a Jeffree Star Cosmetics household, you little shit.

Also Trish please come back and stop hanging around that damn piss drinker and Co., I miss you. We can put make up on each other like we used to.


I sell drugs to kids(Giorno, if you're reading this, fuck you I don't care) and got laid at when I was eighteen. What else is there to say?

If you're interested in the drugs, go here. Again, let me stress this for the 59302nd time, I don't care, Giorno.