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We provide weekend classes so that everybody can join and gain more knowledge!

Fees are paid when you come to the class. Do not pay in advance. Please pay by check. If you must pay in cash, please have the correct amount as we keep very little money for change. You should arrive on time for your class, as all sessions begin on time. Lessons are presented in a progressive order.



In this JavaScript class, we will be teaching the essentials of most powerful scripting language JavaScript. We begin exploring the object-oriented tools in JavaScript such as the constructor, scope, methods, and properties.



Adobe Dreamweaver is a software program for designing web pages, essentially a more fully featured HTML web and programming editor. The program provides a WSYISYG (what you see is what you get) interface to create and edit web pages. Dreamweaver supports many MARK UP LANGUAGES, including HTML, and JavaScript. As for human languages, it supports English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Italian, Russian, and many more.

This is the entry level of ourDreamweaver class combines practical hands-on exercises with an overview of Dreamweaver’s tools for building and maintaining websites in this two-day course. The focus of this course is on creating multiple pages with text, images and links using Dreamweaver.



A great software for handling pixel images such as photos and images, Adobe Photoshop was made for people who loved to edit and improve their photos. It is an extremely professional photo editing software and a very powerful tool with a lot of flexibility in advanced and detailed adjustments. Adobe Photoshop is the most used software by digital graphic designers, photographers, web designers & many other graphic artist.

Our Adobe Photoshop Class equips you with the skills and tools you will need when you want to create amazing and realistic photo-editing, manipulations & effects.

In our classes, we will start with the foundation of understanding Adobe Photoshop and move on to techniques such as combining photos realistically, erasing pimples & wrinkles, slimming down a person's figure, deleting backgrounds, replacing it, creating animated gif and so much more.

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