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Not easily offended; not hard to let go.

My obnoxiously long name is often shortened to 'Nad', and I live off of coffee and extremely nihilistic thoughts.


Behind the screen

Nad, 17, INTJ — I hail from South-East Asia, specifically of speaking Malaysia. Growing up, I harbour an exceptional amount of interest towards traditional art and video games; I used to play Resident Evil 4 and Gran Turismo 4 on my old PS2 until it broke several years later, and I began drawing since I was seven. Nowadays I play on Xbox 360, thought not as frequent as there isn't much games that I like, nor do I have the interest for it. I'm hoping to own a drawing tablet someday and perhaps move on to developing new skills(mainly colouring — I really suck at that).

For the most part, I'm very mellow and isn't too opinionated about things, unless if I passionate about it. I always value differing opinions, and contrary to my disliking challenges and competitions I love listening and getting into debates: just having my beliefs challenged/questioned and second-guessing things. I often space out and doesn't like being left with nothing to do; it could quite literally make me feel depressed. But I avoid engaging in tasks that I find boring.

I'm a super awkward person in social situations/settings — I think my Emotional IQ is sometimes very low and there are just times when social cues means naught to me. That, added by the fact that I'm also somewhat insecure in maintaining any sort of relationships, I have troubles with making friends and keeping them. So in the end, I opted to be flexible with constant changes and boy being an opportunist is the best thing ever next to garlic bread.


Things that I like

Video games, Greek mythology, history, arts/design, cars, animals, food, Initial D, Coldplay

I have a Tumblr where I used to post my Deus Ex edits. I am HIATUS though for the time being.

It's in our nature to rise above our limits;
to turn away from it now would mean to deny the very essence of who we are.